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Montibello Cromaxtrem P5

Montibello Cromaxtrem P5

Gama formulated with high intensity direct dyes.

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• Maximum intensity and duration of color.

• Uniform and luminous color.

• 100% coverage and maximum customer comfort

Gama formulated with high intensity direct dyes that allows to obtain coppery, reddish and purple tones of great purity, both on natural and dyed hair (preferably from a height of dark blond tone). Cromaxtrem can be mixed with Cromatone to enhance coppery, reddish and purple hues.


Formulated with patented SCP Technology (SOYA COLOR PROTECT) for a perfect color result. This technology combines plant-based treating active ingredients, extracted from Soy and Boswellia Serrata, with conditioning molecules that act synergistically favoring the penetration of dyes into the hair, resulting in better fixation and color retention and high protection of the scalp and hair fiber. Soya is rich in phospholipids, glycolypids and vitamin F, essential components of cell membranes, providing hydration, nutrition and hair repair. Boswellia Serrata has soothing, soothing and anti-irritating properties that offer maximum comfort in the application.


1. Mix a Cromatone tube (60 g) with 60 ml of OXIBEL ACTIVATING CREAM of the desired graduation (1+1). Do not use metal utensils (bol, tweezers, combs, etc.).

2. Apply with a pallet, preferably on unwashed hair.

3. Leave the necessary exposure time. On roots the usual is 30 minutes.

4. Emulsify the dye with a little warm water and rinse thoroughly.

5. Wash with a suitable shampoo (TREAT NATURTECH Colour Protect Shampoo). Rinse thoroughly with warm water and proceed to the usual drying.

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