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Schwarzkopf Essensity 60 Ml, Color 10-2

Schwarzkopf Essensity 60 Ml, Color 10-2

Sensity the 1" permanent coloration without ammonia that offers 100% results and 100% commitment.

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ESSENSITY delivers a higher level of color results and provides the most natural color results ever achieved.

Permanent coloration without oil-based ammonia is available in a gama of natural tones that reflect light and respect the multitone reflections of the hair. In addition, it covers up to 100% of the grays and lightens up to 4 shades.



Do not wash your head before application

Apply the color mixture only to dry hair

Wearing protective gloves


Mixture with oil-based trigger ssensity. Proportion 1:1. Ex: 1 tube of Coloring Cream ( 60ml ) + 60 ml of oil-based trigger ssensity lotion

Natural hair:

First apply from media to tips

Then apply to the root

Exposure time: 30-45min.

Regrowth hair:

First apply in the recreation area ( 10-15 min. )

Then, if necessary, apply a part of the mixture to mids and ends.

Exposure time: 30-45 min.

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