1) How can I make an order?


2) What is a request as a guest?


3) Are the customer service operators professional hairdressers?


4) What happens if I receive a product in poor condition or incorrect?


5) Does Wapalli have free shipping?


6) Is it safe to buy at Wapalli?


7) Do we ship to the Islands?


8) Can shipments be delayed?


9) About Discount codes


10) How can I return a product / order?

11) How to get the invoice for your order.






1) How do I order?

1- First you must add the products you want in the basket (cart), you can do this by clicking on the basket-shaped button on each product.



2-Once you have all your products added, you must go to the basket.

There are several ways to do this, by clicking on the basket icon that appears below left or above right.

Once you click you have two options, the first is VIEW THE CART, where you can see all the products you have in the basket and the prices, if you see that everything is correct you can click PASS BY BOX. The second option, REVISA, will take you directly to the option to finalize the purchase.



3- Already within CONFIRM YOUR PURCHASE, you will have to fill in the data for delivery.


In LOGIN OPTIONS you must select the option that corresponds to your situation:



                Login: if you have already registered, and you have orders with us.

                Guest order: if it is your first purchase and you do not want to register.

                Register for later use: if it is your first purchase, you want to continue shopping with us and have a continuous monitoring of your orders.



4- Once you choose the corresponding option, you must fill in all the fields, although only those that place the * symbol are required.


                Relevant information:


                Identification number: this is the DNI / NIE

                Address title: You can put the name with which you want this address to be saved, for example: house, premises, address, etc.

                Other information: you can add any extra comments you want.



5-Choose the payment method you want to use. You can choose between:


                Credit and debit card (Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card, 4B)

                PayPal (PayPal commission charged to the client € 0.35 + 3.5%)

                Wire transfer

                Cash on delivery (cost € 2.50)


(Click here to read more about payment methods)



6-Accept the terms of service.



7-Click on the PLACE ORDER button.






2) What is a request as a guest?

Wapalli gives you the option to place an order without registering (as a guest). If you select this option you will not receive emails from us, nor an order confirmation. You will only receive a message when your package is shipped, where you will find your tracking number and the transport company that will manage it. In case there is any incident with your order, we will also contact you.


We recommend you register so that you can have a follow-up from the first moment of your order.





3) Are the customer service operators professional hairdressers?

No. Wapalli offers a customer service that can help you clarify many of your doubts, but they are not hairdressing professionals, so it may be that some questions cannot be answered.






4) What happens if I receive a product in poor condition or incorrect?

You have every right to claim. You can contact us through any means (online chat, email, whatsapp or calling us), and we will give you a solution as soon as possible.


Click here to see the return policy






5) Does Wapalli have free shipping?5)  

No. The express services we offer do not allow us to reduce freight or offer it for free.

Click here to see the shipping costs






6) Is it safe to buy at Wapalli? 

With us you can be sure that your order will arrive at the address you indicate and that the payment is also the same.

Secure payment certificate


Customer Feedback





7) Do we ship to the Islands? 

We do not ship to CEUTA / MELILLA, CANARY ISLANDS, or the European islands, with the exception of the Balearic Islands. In case of any doubt, please ask us.





8) Can shipments be delayed?

Wapalli agrees to send your package in 24/48 business hours, the company we work with also agrees to deliver the packages at the same time, but there may be a particular situation where delivery may be delayed.






9) Discount codes

Wapalli does not have coupons for the first purchase, but it does for the rest of them (only for registered customers). Once you receive your first purchase, you must receive an email with the code within 48 hours, if you do not receive it, you must contact us. Please note that these coupons expire after 15 days.






10) How can I return a product / order? 

To make the return of your order, you just have to enter your customer account, enter your orders, and once there click on the option to make the return.

The request will come to us and once it is accepted, you can make it.

Keep in mind that the request can only be made up to 15 days after making the purchase, in case there is any problem after these days you should contact us. 



11) How to get the invoice for your order.


Wapalli sends a delivery note inside the package, so to obtain an invoice you will need to download it.

(If you want to have an invoice, you will need to register).

How to download the invoice:

From computer:

             1-Log in

             2-Once you are in your account, you must access MY ORDERS.

             3-A list will appear, and you must click on the PDF icon found in the INVOICE column.

From mobile:

             1-Log in

             2-Once you are in your account, you must access MY ORDERS.

             3-Click on the order for which you want the invoice.

             4-Under the order reference, you must click where it says DOWNLOAD INVOICE.