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Yari Natural Cart Oil 250 Ml

Yari Natural Cart Oil 250 Ml

100% natural carrot oil.

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Carrot oil has beneficial properties perfect for caring for the face, neck, eyes, body and hair.

  • Keeps skin supple and hydrated. When serrica in vitamins, it is perfect for removing wrinkles and taking care of dry skin.

  • In addition, it reduces the sebum of oily skin, so it is very beneficial for people with acne.
  • Repair the hair. Carrot oil helps remove the havoc that causes heat, salt, wind or cold in the hair, giving it its shine and volume back.
  • Serves as a natural bronzer. If you don't have very light skin, you can use it to more capture the sun's rays and pick up the brown color you're looking for.
  • However, always carefully and avoiding strong radiation.

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