Dikson Dikso Blonde Discoloration 9 levels Envelope 1ux35g

Dikson Dikso Blonde Discoloration 9 levels Envelope 1ux35g

Super fader 9/Levels (up to 9 shades of rinsing).

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Heavy, non-volatile and scented powder ideal for all rinsing techniques (wicks, reflections, balayages, picklings and discoloration). Formulated with organic wheat germ oil and anti-yellow action. Discolor up to 9 shades without heating or sliding during application.

Provides hydration, shine and revitalizes the hair. For professional use only.


Fast to use, practical and safe. Use in combination with Dikso Blonde. Shampoo and Mask after discoloration.

- Preparation: pour the necessary amount of bleach into a non-metallic container and add the amount and volumes of oxidizing emulsion indicated in the paragraph "mixture ratio".

Note: it is recommended to use the supplied meter (capacity: 30 ml).

- Mixture ratio: for each measurement of 30 ml of bleaching powder, use between 45 and 60 ml of oxidizing emulsion, depending on the desired consistency and creaminess for the work to be performed.

Use only 20, 30 or 40 volume oxidizing emulsion (do not exceed 40 volumes and do not use heat sources).

- Next mixing ratio:

  • · Wicks with foil: for the nape of the neck, oxidizer of 20 or 30 volumes; 40 volumes for the other areas.
  • · Light discoloration: 20-volume oxidizer.
  • · Medium-strong discoloration: 30-volume oxidizer.
  • · Contrasts, reflections, shatush, etc.: oxidizer of 20, 30 or 40 volumes, depending on the type of hair and the desired result.
  • · Pickling: 10, 20 or 30 volume oxidizer.
  • · Exposure time: 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the desired degree of rinsing.

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