Moroccanoil Molding Cream 100 Ml (style)

Moroccanoil Molding Cream 100 Ml (style)

The molding cream is a cream rich in fiber and a moisturizing texture that can be used as an all-day molder, creating a smooth structure, but with definition.

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For walkway looks to street-inspired styles, molding cream is versatile and innovative and has a formula with fibers that thicken and create a natural look with texture and definition.

Enriched with argan oil and olive oil, it moisturizes and improves elasticity making it more flexible and giving it fixation with a soft texture.

It gives texture to the hair with a moisturizing formula rich in nutre fiber with argan oil and olive rich in antioxidants.


It can be used in damp or dry hair.

Add the cream and mix it so it warms up a little in your hands.

Manipulate with your fingers to mold the hair in the desired way.

Long Layers: Distribute the cream in dry hair without reaching the roots for a sheathed look and accentuate the layers.

For greater separation in the layers, add product at the tips of your fingers and lift the tips of the wicks outwards.

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