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Revlonissimo Cream Peroxide 40vol (12%) 900 Ml

Revlonissimo Cream Peroxide 40vol (12%) 900 Ml

Universal oxidizers of the highest quality, adapted to any proportion of mixture and texture of the product; guarantee the success of technical color and discoloration services.

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Unctuousness and homogeneity : Ease of mixing. Homogeneous and creamy consistency.

Precise location.

Root adhesion, does not drip. Ease of rinsing.

It always guarantees optimal clarification and coverage power.

Scalp Protection : Contains Bisobolol that protects sensitive scalps and limits irritations and itching.

Mix in proportion: 1?+?1?1/2 with Revlonissimo. 1?+?3 with Super Blondes. From 1?+?1 to 1?+?2.

Choice of vol. depending on the desired clarification: 10 vol. ? 1 tone of clarification. 20 vol. ? 2 shades of lightening. 30 vol. ? 3 shades of lightening. 40 vol. ? 4 shades of lightening.

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