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Salerm Keratin Shot Smooth Cream 500 Ml

Salerm Keratin Shot Smooth Cream 500 Ml

Revolutionary help treatment for smoothing that works by adding queratin.

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This work system provides as a benefit an amazing recovery from natural hydration, shine and silkiness, volume control and ease to keep hair smooth. This treatment is valid for working on any type of hair, even if they have one or more technical jobs. It manages to restore the lost queratine, recovering elasticity, touch, shine and ending the frizz that adds volume to the hair. Main formulation Contribution of a high concentration of natural queratin that fills the missing hair of this molecule. Perfume Extremely fruity outlet where citrus notes predominate that merge with a touch of strawberry and rose under a base of balm, vanilla and chocolate.


Wash hair with Salerm Keratin Shot Maintenance Bath with warm water. Wash a second time

with the same product leaving an exposure time of 5 minutes and rinse intensely making sure

that the hair is clean.

Dry with towel, leaving hair slightly damp.

Make four hair separations and apply Salerm Keratin Shot Smoothing Cream, Wick to Fuse,

starting from the back.

Make sure all hairs are covered with Salerm Keratin Shot Smoothing Cream.

Dry with dryer smoothing well, until the hair is really dry and smooth.

Perform four separations again and pass the ceramic plate on each wick on several occasions

making sure that the hair is smooth and without traces of straightening cream.

To finish apply as Salerm Keratin Shot Serum.

Do not wash until after 72 hours.

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