Manicura en Casa

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Manicure at Home

We can not deny it, sometimes we are so lazy that we do not even want to go to the aesthetic center to fix our nails, and we prefer to paint them quickly, and as they look, they stay.

Today I will show you the best tricks to do your manicure at home, in a short time, and saving. It costs less to buy your enamels and have them at home, than going to paint them every week. And if your problem is that you do not have long ones, I will also show you how to take care of them until you reach the desired length.

I remember that when I was little I had some nails that, to make me lie, scared, over time I understood that I had to take care of them and give them treatment, so today I share my nail routine with you.

To keep them long:

People who usually have short nails tend to be so weak they are, but do not worry girls, even those with strong nails suffer from breaks always, yes, I tell you because I live in flesh and blood.

To take care of them, the first thing is not to use them as blades or scissors. It will sound funny, but this is the main cause of breakage and that your nails never grow.

In the background we have to pamper them a bit, applying strengthening lotion. Many people do not trust this, but it works!

Manicure at Home:

Regardless if you have long or short nails, you have the right to wear beautiful nails.

Remember that you must have the necessary materials, this does not mean that they are all, nor exactly what I will mention, but something that the action of that tool can fulfill.


1-Find the necessary utensils. They will be:

  1. - Nail polish remover

    - Cotton balls

    - Cuticle cutter

    - Nail polisher

    - Nail clipper

    - Nail file

    - Cream for cuticles or hand cream

    - Nail polish

    - Base for enamel or nail base (base coat)

    - Sealer polish (top coat) (Optional)

    - Brush for nails
(Manicure Accessories and General Pedicure)
Pliers and nail clippers

Cut / Push cuticles

Files and polishers
Enamel removers

2-Cut your nails and lick them

There are different ways, and this depends on each taste.

Remember that when filing them you must be very soft, because otherwise the nail can break, or lose shape.

3-Polish the nails

This is a step that many of us skipped, but that is not mandatory. More than anything this serves to make the nail completely flat. It may sound weird, but this happened to me, the nails with wrinkles, a madness.

4-Soak your nails in water

Make sure the water is not hot, as it damages the skin and nails. Add a few drops of soap. With a soft bristle brush, clean your nails. This process will help remove the dust after filing and soften the cuticles that we will remove in the next step.


pomelo.jpg Grapefruit Soap
Container for fingers
Neutral soap Sabrina Azzi

5-Remove the cuticles

Dry your nails and with a push cuticles, go pushing them gently, and do not cut them.

6-Apply lotion

This will help soften those hard areas that we have around the nails


Lotions and creams for hands
Lotions and creams for feet


7-Apply the enamel base

Even a transparent enamel can be used for this, now I do not use it, but at the time it worked great for me. This is so that the color glaze does not leave your nails yellow or any color, in addition, if there is any roughness, it will help to make the color more uniform.

8-Apply the chosen color

Did you know that there is a method to paint the nails? It is that they use all the manicurists. It is important not to apply a thick layer, because with this you will only achieve a bad finish.


9-Apply a second

First of all remember to wait until the first layer is dry enough, otherwise you will only spoil all the work. If you are too lazy to wait, use a quick drying spray.

Ultra fast dryer link:

Ultra fast drying Salerm
Ultra fast drying Sabrina Azzi
Levissime ultra fast drying

10-Apply a sealant

As a last step, apply a sealed or transparent enamel. This will make your manicure more lasting.

As an optional step, if you have left color out of the nails, with a cotonete (swab) and nail polish remover carefully, although there are already utensils specifically for this.