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Loreal Chromative 70 Ml, Color Clear

Loreal Chromative 70 Ml, Color Clear

Loreal Chromative 70 Ml , Color Clear

Direct coloring without ammonia. It is removed at 10 washes.

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- Covers the first gray hairs, even after smoothing or permanent;

- Test a color without obligation;

- Correct a reflection;

- Or reactivate a color without overloading it.

Chomative covers up to 30% of white hair and is naturally removed in 10 washes, leaving no root effect when hair grows.

Respect for hair: a gentle formula that respects hair fiber.

Authentic "blush" effect: the mane is sublimated, luminous and brimming with shine.

Direct coloring / L'OREAL CHROMATIVE dye provides coverage of up to 30% of white hair and is naturally removed after 10 washes. No root effect when hair grows.

L'OREAL CHROMATIVE incorporates a new formula without oxidizers, without ammonia, that preserves the hair fiber respecting the health of your hair. Thanks to L'OREAL CHROMATIVE the hair is shiny, bright and full of shine, with a very special spark.

L'OREAL CHROMATIVE is ideal for covering the first white hair even after smoothing or permanent molding as well as revitalizing the color without overloading it. You can also use L'OREAL CHROMATIVE to nuance wicks.


Apply L'OREAL CHROMATIVE to towel-dried and washed hair, using single-purpose gloves.

Shake the jar.

Apply L'OREAL CHROMATIVE using the tip of the applicator (use half the bottle for a half mane).

Massage the hair to ensure a good distribution of the product.

Rinse thoroughly only with water, without using shampoo.