Crazy Color 51 Bordeaux 100 Ml

OUTLET Crazy Color 51 Bordeaux 100 Ml


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Intense fantasy colors.

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Crazy Color is an alternative coloration with pure and vibrant tones. Cream coloring. Does not contain peroxide or ammonia. Duration: 6/8 washes. On bleached hair it allows to obtain vibrant and intense tones. On dyed hair, it intensifies the tone and gives shine. On natural hair, it brings luminosity and fantasy reflections.


Wear proper gloves and apply anti-stain protective gel or oil around the scalp line so as not to stain more than necessary.

Do not use metal utensils, buckles, combs, etc.

Results may vary, so we recommend that you test a strand of hair in an inconspicuous part before applying the product to all your hair.

To achieve the best results, the hair has to be porous, bleached or dyed.

When you apply the product to undyed hair, only part of it may be dyed.

To maximize the effect, pre-soften the hair so that the color penetrates better.

When dyeing one or more parts of your hair, color, wash, and dry each part separately.

1. Wash hair with a balanced low pH shampoo to optimize its acidity and achieve better results.

2. Apply Crazy Color to damp hair with a brush, spreading the color along the entire length of the stem and stopping half a centimeter from the scalp. Start at the back of your neck and work upwards.

3. Comb Crazy Color until foamy. If you want lighter shades you will have to comb it more for better results.

4. Let it act Crazy Color for 15 minutes at room temperature. If the hair is resistant, cover it with a plastic cap and let the product act for 30 minutes.

5. Finally, wash your hair with warm water until it stops rinsing product. The duration of Crazy Color depends on how often you wash your hair and its porosity. The more porous it is, the more intense the color will be and the longer it will last.


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