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The Cosmetic Republic Keratin Fibers Brown Medium 12,5 Gr

The Cosmetic Republic Keratin Fibers Brown Medium 12,5 Gr

Hair fibers.

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Keratin is an immediate solution to hide alopecia in seconds by getting a head full of hair quickly and naturally.

These are natural plant-based queratin microfibers made from the same protein from which the hair is made.

Electrostatically charged, they intertwine with existing hair covering the entire head with a perfect result day and night.

The result is perfect and natural.

It is eliminated with the shower without difficulty.

Keratin is available in 10 different shades that can be mixed to perfectly match all kinds of hair color, including hair with wicks or gray hair.

It is not a spray, cream or fake. Microfibers resistant to rain, wind or perspiration in part thanks to the subsequent application of mist fixed spray-fibers, do not stain, distill, or run. An instant solution 100% natural, not being able to be detected a few cms away. Suitable for men and women adapting to all hair types.

Do not cover the pore of the scalp.

Available in 3 formats (application number may vary in each case)

Mini: 2.5 grs / 0.09 oz 8 applications approx.

Travel: 12.5 grs / 0.44 oz 40 applications approx.

Savings: 25 grs /0.88 oz 80 applications approx.


On dry hair, shake the container upside down by gently touching the areas to be covered until the scalp is no longer displayed.

Use Keratin Comb to prevent fibers from falling on your forehead.

Apply the Mist fixating spray to secure the microfibers and protect them from wind and rain.


Wang Resin, Keratin Derivative, Dodecylbenzene, Sulfonic Acid, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Beta-Carotene, 2-Hydroxy-1, Prussian Blue, Dichromium Trioxide, Utramarines.

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