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Montibello Smart Touch Time To Recharge Mask 30 ml (Hat)

Montibello Smart Touch Time To Recharge Mask 30 ml (Hat)

TIME TO RECHARGE is a revitalizing hair mask that protects the color and moisturizes the hair.
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With TIME TO RECHARGE: * Power 90% hydration * Protects color by 50% * Revives time to RECHARGE brightness by 83% has a high level of hydration that provides the hair structure reducing frizz. It compensates for the negative effects of water loss on the hair: breakage, dryness, loss of shine and color. TIME TO RECHARGE is part of the new gama SMART TOUCH: the passport to a new level of hair beauty. TIME TO RECHARGE formulated with hyaluronic acid acting as an excellent protector against dehydration with the ability to absorb large amounts of water, storing moisture, with a sponge effect that retains water on the hair stem and gradually releases it to the hair structure. Powerful antioxidants protective of ginseng and broccoli extracts that promote circulation on the scalp promoting their elasticity. The hydration and protection power of amino acids forities the structure and repairs the surface damage of the fiber.


Create a unique experience with TIME TO RECHARGE. Follow the application mode: Open the wrapper and unfold the cap containing the mask inside. Wash hair with shampoo and rinse. Remove excess moisture with a towel. Roll up your hair and insert it into the cap with the flap facing forward. Help yourself to the sticker to keep the hat steady. Massage gently to better distribute the mask. Relax and leave to act for 15 minutes. * Remove the cap, comb the hair and rinse thoroughly with water. *In the salon, use a heat source to intensify the action of the mask and let it work for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the condition and type of hair. Also, help yourself to perform a root massage to hollow out the hair and another in media and tips to seal the cuticle.

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