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OUTLET Alfaparf Evolution 60 Ml, Color 8,4

OUTLET Alfaparf Evolution 60 Ml, Color 8,4


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Perfect color and hair thanks to the 3-dimensional technology of professional coloring evolution of the color.

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Evolution of the Color3 is the new permanent cosmetic coloration of ALFAPARF MILANO. Thanks to the exclusive CUBE 3D TECH technology guarantees a result never before achieved in a professional color service: excellent color result and maximum respect for the hair. Coloration that lasts after 12 washes. Coverage of 89% of grays. 3-dimensional technology: 3 exclusive components in 3 successive phases.

1. MIX: Multi Lamellar Vehicle WHICH IS: liquid glass sheets, vehicle of color inside the hair. ACTION MLV protects pigments during mixing to prevent rusting before necessary. The pigments still not oxidized, penetrate in greater quantity and deeper into the capillary structure with a lower opening of the cuticle.

2. APPLICATION: HYALURONIC ACID WHICH IS: a component naturally present in the body, indispensable to maintain the correct level of hydration in the tissues. ACTION Hyaluronic acid forms a cage-like reticle around the hair, allowing a perfectly uniform distribution of the mixture and maximum adhesion to the hair. It also helps maintain the correct level of fiber hydration.

3. COLORATION: HYPER INTENSE COLOR SYSTEM WHICH IS: Crystallized Micropigments even purer and micronized. ACTION Micropigments penetrate the hair fiber and melt into larger, more structured molecules.


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