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Schwarzkopf Strait Styling Glatt 2

Schwarzkopf Strait Styling Glatt 2

Very curly natural or frizzy hair

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Strait Styling Glatt is a system designed to permanently smooth natural curly, wavy or frizzy hair resulting in natural smoothing.

It provides a reliable system, which softens curly hair to smooth it perfectly.

This state-of-the-art formula ensures lasting results, ensuring that hair condition and quality remain better than ever!

3 different intensities for different hair types:

2nd natural curly, colored and porous hair

1st natural curly colored hair or very curly natural hair

0. Very curly natural or frizzy hair


Important: Always read the instructions before starting smoothing. Do not apply Strait Styling Glatt within 6 weeks of the last application.

Use only plastic utensils, do not tighten or stretch the hair, do not touch the scalp during the application process of Strait Styling Glatt.

1. Diagnosis:

Determine hair quality and select The appropriate Strait Styling Glatt desrizing cream for the hair type:

- naturally very curly or frizzy: desrizing cream 0

- naturally curly or very curly colored hair: desrizing cream 1

- naturally curly, coloured and porous: desrizing cream 2

- with wicks, discolored or permanentated: do not use.

2. Washing:

Gently wash hair with Schwarzkopf BC Brightness Shampoo and Smooth Shine Anti-Frizz. Do not massage your scalp.

3. Pre-treatment +:

After drying the hair with towel apply Natural Styling Pre-treatment + on the colored or porous areas of the hair.

4. Preparation:

Divide the head into 4 equal sections. Start at the back of the neck with horizontal sections 1cm thick and 5cm. wide.

5. Application:

Wear appropriate gloves. Apply Strait Styling Glatt desrizing cream along the hair. Leave a space of at least 1cm. of separation with the scalp and distribute the desrizing cream evenly on each lock of hair with the help of a pallet. Work efficiently to maintain application time of up to 20 minutes.

6. Desred plates:

Use desred plates in difficult areas when needed.

7. Processing time:

Cover the hair with a plastic cap by covering the entire head. If necessary you can use additional heat (exposure time with additional heat is reduced to 10-15 minutes).

Application time 10-20 minutes.

Exposure time 10-20 minutes.

Total desred process time 20-40 minutes.

8. Elasticity test:

Take a small lock of the hair and check the elasticity. If the hair can be stretched approximately twice its normal length, the process will be completed. Rinse areas where there is product with plenty of water.

9. Clarified:

Rinse hair thoroughly for 5-8 minutes (depending on length and amount of hair) with warm water until the Strait Styling Glatt desrizing cream is completely removed.

10. Neutralizing Balm:

Divide the head back into 4 equal sections. Start the application by the nape area, and continue with horizontal sections 1cm. thick and 5cm. wide. Comb hair after application.

Note: Do not tangled hair. If necessary, hold the hair back without tightening. Use at least the same amount of Glatt neutralizing balm as desrizing cream.

11. Neutralizing Balm Process Time:

Leave on for 10 minutes.

12. Clarified:

Rinse the Strait Styling Glatt neutralizing balm thoroughly with warm water and dry the hair with a towel.

Apply the BC bonacure Repair rescue treatment and leave to act for 5-10 minutes.

13. Completed:

Do not stretch, tande or massage the scalp. Use a round brush or desrizing iron to shape the hair as desired.

Tip: during 72 hours after treatment it is recommended not to use tweezers, rubbers, etc., as the hair could take shape.

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