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Schwarzkopf Strait Therapy (2) 300 Ml

Schwarzkopf Strait Therapy (2) 300 Ml

Thermal smoothing system that provides smooth hair, easy to comb and with superior shine.

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Silk Protein Complex Smoothing Cream provides superior shine.


Hair preparation:
- Set the hair quality and select the appropriate Strait Therapy Smoothing Cream (Normal, Colored or Resistant).
- If the hair is already clean, moisten it with water, if not, wash the hair with intensive cleansing shampoo and dry with a towel. Do not massage the scalp.

Hair straightening:

- Wear suitable gloves. Divide the hair into four equal sections and apply Strait Therapy Smoothing Cream with comb. Apply to 1 cm from the root. Distribute the cream evenly, carefully combing each of the locks. Maximum application time 20 minutes.

- Cover the hair with a plastic cap, keeping the sections straight and uniform.

Once we have completed the application take a lock of the first application and check the elasticity.

The process is completed when the hair is twice as elastic as normal.

- Rinse with warm water for a minimum of 5 minutes up to 8 minutes (depending on length and amount of hair),

Until we've completely removed the Smoothing Cream.

- Apply Strait Therapy to the entire head, leave to act for 1 minute and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

- Dry straight hair. Do not use comb. Do not apply tension to the hair. Once the hair is dry, end up using a brush.

- Heat the iron up to 180oC. Starting at the back of the neck, take horizontal sections 5 cm wide by 1 cm and use the straightening plate without adding tension. Work from root to tip, 5 times on each lock, until hair is completely soft.

-Always work at a 90o angle

Fixing the smoothing:

- Divide the hair into 4 sections in T. Starting at the back of the neck, take horizontal sections just as we have done before.

-Apply Strait Therapy Neutralizing Milk without adding tension; be sure to keep the sections perfectly straight.

- Use at least the same amount of Neutralizer as Smoothing Cream. Allow to process for 10-15 minutes.

- Rinse the Strait Therapy Neutralizer abundantly with warm water. Dry your hair with a towel.

Hair treatment:

- For maximum shine and hair repair, apply Strait Therapy Treatment. Leave on for about 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

- Dry straight hair. Do not apply tension or bend hair sections.


- Hair should be worn loose for the first 72 hours to allow new hair joints to strengthen.

- Do not use rubber bands or clips as they may damage the hair while on hair it is still sensitive and can bend.

- Avoid tangling your hair or wearing it behind your ears.

- For best results, then use Strait Therapy treatment as a conditioner in all washes.

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