Ghd Style Adv Split End Therapy 100 Ml

Ghd Style Adv Split End Therapy 100 Ml

Therapy for hair tips. It activates with the heat of your styler tool, nourishes and strengthens damaged tips, leaving hair silky and shiny, up to 10 washes.

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The treatment fills and joins the broken fibers, instantly repairing the open tips, while the super nutritious complex prevents future damage, surrounding each fiber with protective coverage, defending it from the environmental effect and daily styling. As a result, visibly stronger, brighter and polished hair.


Shake the tube well and apply approx. 10ml to freshly washed hands. Spread the product well through your hands and apply media to ends or where it is damaged. Separate hair and gently dry with your ghd. Once dry, divide the hair into small sections and slide your styler ghd each lock to seal the product. Use it next to a ghd styler for best results, do not apply any pre-treatment conditioners and dry the hair with the ghd dryer at its lowest temperature level.

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