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Loreal Dia Light 50ml, Color 5,52

Loreal Dia Light 50ml, Color 5,52

Ammonia-free coloring with radiant and bright reflections. Covers the first white hair.

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DiaLight is an acidic cream gel coloration, without ammonia, that after its application will give the hair rich and luminous reflections

It does not damage the hair, with a result of intense care, natural hair touch and renewing effect of the hair fiber. It only takes 20 minutes for your application, and it gradually disappears in a subtle way.



Wear gloves.

Do not use metal instruments. (Bol or paletine).

Mix in the products in a bowl, shaker or bottle.

Make the homogeneous mixture of the product and its activator in the ratio 1:1,5 ( 1 whole tube of 50 ml. plus 75 ml. of DIACTIVATEUR), choosing the volumes according to the desired intensity and coverage: 6 vol.(1.8%) or 9 vol. (2.7%) will be used to provide reflection or shine for colored and/or sensitized hair.

Exposure time 15 to 20 minutes.


Wear gloves.

In general, apply to dry, unwashed hair, with a pallet or bottle, except on the same day that a wick service has been performed, which is applied to towel-dried hair.

Respect exposure time. Emulsify carefully.

Rinse hair well after exposure time.

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