Moroccanoil Cream Moisturizing Para Peinar 300 Ml

Moroccanoil Cream Moisturizing Para Peinar 300 Ml

Moisturizing styling cream is a lightweight, moisturizing formula that creates soft hairstyles for a natural texture.

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Condition, moisturize and fight frizz, especially in thick, dry hair.

It provides definition with a soft fixation and is perfect for creating hairstyles with the dryer.

It is also ideal for mastering electrified hair.


Press the dispenser 1 or 2 times, apply the product to damp hair and comb as usual.

The amount used may vary depending on the type of hair.

For thicker, uncontrolled hair, combine Moisturizing Styling Cream with Moroccanoil® Treatment, give you more control when dry with a hairdryer.

Moisturizing Styling Cream can also be applied to dry hair as a revitalizer, from half the length to the ends, and can be reapplied as needed.

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