Only the return of the product in case of deterioration or breakage will be accepted. Or that the requested product and the delivered product are not the same. In no case will any other returns be accepted.

Returns by mistake or due to deterioration will be the responsibility of Wapalli. And must be made within 14 days of receipt of the order. To request a return, you must contact us through or through the form of customer service returns cliking here.

The return receipt is stored in your account.

Wapalli is committed to sending the product back, and in case it is not possible to return the entire purchase amount.

Returns, exchanges or substitutions of products requested by the customer, which do not meet the above mentioned conditions, the return transport charges will be charged to the customer.

Instructions for processing returns of Registered customers:

1) Access "My Account"

2) "History and Order Details"

3) Select "Data" from the order to process the return of item

4) Section of breakdown of the order, select the items / units to return

5) Add an explanation of the reason for the return

6) Accept

When the request is sent, our customer service staff, will assess the reasons.

If your order can be returned, you will receive an approval email of the return request, with the instructions you must follow.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us.