• Cómo Combatir la Celulitis
    Cómo Combatir la Celulitis
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    ¿Sabes que tienes que hacer para combatir la celulitis? No te pierdas nuestros secretos para lucir unas piernas perfectas.

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  • Manicura en Casa
    Manicura en Casa
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    No lo podemos negar, a veces nos da tanta pereza que no queremos siquiera ir al centro de estética a arreglarnos las uñas, y preferimos pintárnoslas rápidamente, y tal cual luzcan, se quedan.

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  • Testen Sie meinen Hauttyp
    Testen Sie meinen Hauttyp
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    Sie wissen, welche Art von Haut Sie NORMAL, Fett oder gemischt haben Mach unseren Super-Test und lass Zweifel bestehen.

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  • Die besten producket für strikes
    Die besten producket für strikes
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    Die besten producket für strikes

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    Nichts ist besser als eine strahlende Haut und jeder fragt dich, was du tust, um es so makellos zu haben. Die Jahre vergehen Notizen, und es ist sehr wichtig, auf unsere Haut richtig aufzupassen, besonders wenn wir über das Gesicht sprechen.

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    Die letzte Linie von Revlon Oro Fluid, Amazonia, ist von Zutaten inspiriert, die seit Jahrhunderten zu den Traditionen des Amazonas gehören.

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    Desde hace algunas semanas he puesto aprueba la línea Solar de la marca Loreal. Este promete mantener tu cabello hidratado y protegido de los rayos del sol y agentes dañinos como el agua salada o el cloro de la piscina.

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  • Brauchen meine Haare Sonnenschutz?
    Brauchen meine Haare Sonnenschutz?
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    Der Sommer ist ein paar Schritte entfernt, und wir müssen auf die Sonne, Salzwasser, Chlor und all die Elemente, die unser Haar so viel Stress verursachen, aufpassen. Aber haben Sie keine Angst, es gibt Methoden, um sich um Ihr Haar zu kümmern, und genießen Sie alle diese Dinge voll und ganz.

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  • ¡Tendencia! Arcoíris oculto
    ¡Tendencia! Arcoíris oculto
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    Algunas tendencias pasan de largo, mientras que otras perduran a través de los años. Para algunas de nosotras es difícil usarlas porque, a pesar de que nos gustan, pueden ser muy dramáticas y excesivas para algunos casos.

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  • How to take care of your hair Post-Discoloration
    How to take care of your hair Post-Discoloration
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    After having followed our instructions from the last blog you must be very careful with your hair, since after this process the hair fiber is weakened ..To do this you should wash it at least 2 or 3 times a week, with products without salt or sulfates. There are products to qualify the hair, with them you can eliminate undesirable yellow tones.Try the new line by Shwarzkopf Good bye Yellow  (here)

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  • Step by step to bleach hair
    Step by step to bleach hair
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    The last tendency for some years is to wear colored hair, but sometimes it is expensive and even harmful for us. We want to give you the necessary instructions to have healthy and colorful hair all the time.Steps to discolor your hair.

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  • What is the best treatment for my hair?
    What is the best treatment for my hair?
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    Our hair has the ability to absorb and maintain hydration, this action is known as porosity. This depends directly on the position in which the cuticles are located, and is affected by the processes to which we submit.For this you must apply treatments according to your hair type. To know the needs of your hair, perform the following porosity test.

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  • Straightening of keratin, which products to use later.
    Straightening of keratin, which products to use later.
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    Keratin straightening has marked a trend in 2016 and 2017, and is increasingly chosen by hairdressers. Why? If you did not know, keratin is a protein that is not only found in the hair, but also in the nails and skin. Our body does not produce a thickening amount, but despite this, its structure is very resistant to heat and some treatments that we face.

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  • I want to dye me What Oxidizer I should use!
    I want to dye me What Oxidizer I should use!
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    Not all of us know how coloration works, so today we explain how to choose the perfect oxidant so as not to damage your hair.

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  • Do you know Blondme? What are you waiting to try it?
    Do you know Blondme? What are you waiting to try it?
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    Blondme it's a line devoted to the explanation and colouring, created by one of the best marks of the professional market, Schwarzkopf. It offers to his consumers a blond colour with the highest quality. Between his services are the coverage of canas, discoloration, and explanation. The range possesses 4 subdivisions, in which we can find Explanation, Matización and neutralisation, Explanation and coverage, and the lotions activators. You can discover all the line of products...

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  • You have Curly Hair - Enjoy it!
    You have Curly Hair - Enjoy it!
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    Curly hair has been mistreated for years, trying to be modified with chemicals, and smoothing methods. But this has changed, during the year 2017 it became a trend to wear the hair to the natural, and nothing better than to go through the streets without worries or prejudices.So, you have already taken the step of leaving it as it is, but, you do not know what you can or can not do. Do not worry about that.

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