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Exitenn Color Creme 60ml, Color 8444 Blond Clear Copper Volcano

Exitenn Color Creme 60ml, Color 8444 Blond Clear Copper Volcano

Permanent coloring.

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It is a dye with an innovative coloring system that always guarantees absolutely safe, reliable and durable results over time. It contains collagen, so it gives the hair great hydration and nutrition, as well as a spectacular shine and a perfect bucket of gray hairs.


  • Mix with the oxidizer in a ratio of 1+1 or 1+2 if they are lightening tones. It is recommended to use ExitennPH protective ampoules, which are mixed with the dye both to protect the hair and scalp and to extend the duration of the color. 40 minutes of exposure is recommended for longer color life.

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El cobre perfecto
rating 10
Llevo años buscando un cobre lo más parecido al pelirrojo natural. Es un color vivo y permite unas variaciones de color
Muy bueno
rating 10
Excelente, buen tinte, con buena calidad

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